D Dale Fairclough
Chief Coach/Consultant

Achieve Coaching and Consulting
Supporting you each and every step of the way towards achieving your goals


What is the benefit of having a personal coach? 

Having a dedicated personal coach can play a major part in you getting focused on your goals and get started down your pathway to success.

I provide personalized coaching to help people pinpoint goals and follow a clear plan to achieve them.  My role as coach is to listen,
clarify, plan, motivate, and provide assistance every step of the way.

Together, we'll customize a coaching program and develop a realistic plan for attaining your career, professional, educational, personal or other important life goals. 

After the plan is in motion, I will continue to provide one on one support 
in person, by phone, or by email (per your preference) to help you achieve success. Please contact me for a free initial discussion over the phone, internet, or in person. I'm located in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. 

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Achieve Coaching and Consulting
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